How to enter:

It's simple! After you have joined Ampslam for free and uploaded your tunes, simply e-mail the Ampslam contest judges at contest@ampslam.com with your member and artist name and the name of the song that you uploaded that you want considered for the monthly contest. Winners will be notified by e-mail and featured on the Ampslam home page! See Contest Rules below for more information. ORIGINAL SONGS ONLY!

Official contest rules

  1. Enter only one song per monthly song contest. You must be an Amplsam Member to enter.
  2. Entered songs cannot be cover versions and cannot sample another artist’s work.
  3. All songs must be original. Ampslam takes NO financial or ownership interest in ANY song.
  4. Prizes will be delivered via PayPal.
  5. Contestants must be at least 13 years of age. Entrants retain all publishing rights to their song(s).
  6. Additions or deletions to these rules may be made at the discretion of Ampslam LLC, and may be enacted at any time.
  7. The selection of contest winners by Ampslam, and its judges is final. Arrangements for receiving all prizes, unless otherwise specified, must be made within thirty days of announcing the winners. It is the responsibility of the winners to claim prizes within the thirty days provided. All unclaimed prizes will be forfeited, and Ampslam may award any unclaimed prize at the end of the thirty-day grace period to a contest runner-up. All prizes are nontransferable and void where prohibited by law. No cash substitution of prizes is allowed.
Official PayPal Seal
Ampslam was established with personal funds. We had no outside contributions or angel investors.  We are fully self-supporting with no corporate affiliations. Our mission is simple: Provide artists a free and simple to use platform to distribute music and videos. Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated. Gifts of $25.00 or more will receive an Ampslam T-Shirt - large or xtra-large Hanes Beefy-T, 100% cotton, two color T-shirt. Our secure Pay Pal link is above. Thank you for your support!! Donations are used to cover server costs and to help promote our artists.
    Does it cost money to use Ampslam?  No, non, nein, nahi, nai, na, nao, dame, nyeht!
    The Music Player looks odd/Music is not playing.
    How do I create my free profile and blast it to the world ?
    How do I upload my first song ?   
    How do I add my band's latest song video? (or other video)
    How do I blast my uploaded songs to the world ?
    How do I delete a song ?Delete my Profile?
    How do I upload/delete photos ?
    Can I add a link to sell my music? Can I buy music from the Artist?
    How do I find an another Artist on Ampslam ?  
    How do I send e-mail to an Ampslam Member?
    Set my e-mail preferences ?
    How do I post my gigs onto the calendar and let the world know about them ?
    How do I use e-mail to promote myself ?
   importnant point Two things to keep in mind about Ampslam:
Your Member Profile (social) you create when joining Ampslam is for social media, networking, gig creation, show calander etc.
Your Artist profile (if you choose to have one), is where you upload your songs via creating an album.
    The Music Player looks odd/Music is not playing.
The Ampslam Music Player can support MP3 and OGG digital audio files depending on the internet browser and version of AdobeFlash you are running. To use MP3s: If you use Internet Explorer, confirm that you have the current version of Adobe Flash for Internet Explorer installed on your computer. If you use FireFox (Mozilla), Chrome or Safari, confirm you have Adobe Flash for Other Browsers installed. To use OGG files: OGG files are only supported by Chrome and FireFox and require Adobe Flash. You can install the latest version of Flash HEREAAC, Wav and AIFF are not supported by Ampslam. If you  need assistance converting your song files into MP3 or OGG files, check out this website. (You don't have to download the offered software.)
    How do I create my free profile?
Simple. From the Ampslam Home Page, click the Sign Up tab. Answer the few questions. (Important: Make sure you type in a valid e-mail account in order to receive your password.) We NEVER spam or release your e-mail to anyone. We also need a valid e-mail to notify you when you win a Monthly Song Contest! Read our Terms of Use, Paragraph 11, for more details. After you enter your data you can choose to load photos, more bio info, venue profile, social profile and use our events calendar to promote yourself. (You can upload songs via clicking on the Upload button and creating an album and artist page - see below). A welcome e-mail will be sent to you as a reminder of your password and user-name. 
Now, Blast your Profile to the World!  Click on the Share This icon  Share alt 1 and a host of internet and e-mail share options will pop up:
 share this 2
    How do I upload my first song?
It's easy. Log in. Click on the blue Upload button on the Ampslam Home Page. Make sure you fill in the Title, Artist, and Album field - YOU MUST enter an Album name. You also must add an Album Image. We accept jpeg images up to 2 MB in size. 450px x 370px at 100 dpi is strongly recommended. All edits/additions are done through the Album tab. Make up an Album place holder name if you don't have one - you can change it later. Search for your song file on your computer hard drive by clicking on the Choose File button. After you find your song, click Open and then click the Save Song button. For your song to have much more SEO impact, open the Album containing the song, click Edit, scroll down to Album Picture, Choose File (image) from your computer and click Save Album at the bottom. This will assign your cool image to your song for greater impact on the Home Page Recent Uploads.
If you want to add songs to a new album, just repeat these steps, but make sure you click on your Artist name from the drop down provided or you will create duplicate Artist names.
If you want to upload additional songs to the SAME ALBUM, log in, and you will land on your main social Profile page. (You can always click on the red Profile tab in the top right corner of the Home page to get to your profile page.) Scroll down to My Albums and click on the Album name you want to add a song into. Click the blue Edit button and scroll down to the black Add New Song button. Click on it and a new Browse button will appear for you to upload your song from your computer. Make sure you name the song and then click the blue Save Album button at the bottom to upload the song.  
    How do I add my band's video (or other video)?
You can upload a video as long as you have the video's URL - i.e. it's stored on another server. Your video can be loaded onto a song page or your Social profile. To load onto a song page, click on the Song name and click on the blue Edit Song button.  Paste the YouTube video URL in the blank provided, then click Save Song. To add a video to your social Profile, click on the Video tab on your Profile page, then click Add and a blank video URL will appear. Paste your URL into the blank provided and click Link Video. (Ignore any Copy Error message). This will add the video to your Activity Stream. To make this video appear on your Profile, click on the gray/black My Profile tab and then the Add/Edit Profile Video drop-down option. Scroll over the video icon and click on the Link to Profile Video pop uplink-export.  Then use the Share alt 1  icon to blast your video to the world!
   How do I blast my uploaded songs and albums to the world?
 Once your profile is created, click on the song or album you want to blast and click: 
 share this
    How do I delete a song? Delete my Profile?
 To delete a song, open the album, click the blue Edit button,  place a check in the box next to the song(s) you want deleted, then click the black Delete Selected Songs button. To delete your profile, click Edit Profile then Delete Profile. To delete an entire album, open the album and click on the the red Delete button.
  How do I upload/delete photos?
There are a few places to upload photos. To upload a Profile photo, click on My Profile then Profile Image from the drop down. Max size is 2MB. You can also load photos to your Albums and Artist page. Photos are greatly recommended to be added to your Album and Artist page. This gives you greater SEO visibility.
     Can I add a link to sell my music? Can I buy Ampslam music from the Artist?
No problem. After you load a new song, click on the Edit button, and in the Buy Link field enter the external link to buy the song (example: http://www.amazon.com/). Click Save Song at the bottom of the screen. If an Ampslam artist wants to offer his/her songs for sale, look for the blue Purchase Song icon on the song page.
If you want, you can just upload a trailer of your song on Ampslam if you prefer to offer your music for a fee on a different site - it's your call. We are just here to help you promote.  However, most industry professionals agree that in today's muisc market, artists need to give some songs away for complete promotion.
    How do I find an Artist on Ampslam?
If you know the Song title, you can search for it on the 'enter song text here' box on the home page, or you can use the Artist search drop-down feature. To view a member's Social Profile, you must join Ampslam for free first (see above). After you become a Member, load up your own Profile page, then use the Search or Advanced Search drop-down functions under the Friend's tab. The Advanced Search option is a great way to search for member's by location, occupation, school, genre, name, e-mail, etc. 
     How do I send an e-mail to another member? How do I set my e-mail preferences?
Use the envelope and pencil icon Envelope-and-pencil on that member's profile. You can also choose to Add as Friend using this icon add as friendYou can set how you receive your e-mails by clicking on the Profile tab, then the Preferences drop-down option, then the blue E-mail and Notifications tab on the left. Click in the boxes 'Email' to receive your Ampslam messages in the e-mail address in your profile, or click in the  'On-Site' boxes to receive your e-mails in your Ampslam profile only, or any combination of both.
    How do I post my upcoming gigs on the calender and let the world know about them?
Awesome idea!  Log into your Profile page, then click Shows and Create Show.  Here are some tips: In the Title put something like "The Stones play at 02". In the Description put a html link to the venue and include any other details about your show. You can Copy and Paste an image here too. In the Locations put in a street address, city and zip code in order for Google Maps to find your location. Click Save. You can click on Show Administration Options for edit features. Blast your show to the world using the Share features! 
     How do I use e-mail to promote myself?
Simple. Log in. Click Profile, Friends, then Invite Friends from the drop down. A box to include e-mail addresses with pop up and a message box too!!!