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David J. Caron: Irish Gold (read more)
 Thomas Giannini 
November 16, 2013

   So who is David J Caron? David was born in Italy and grew up in England. He now lives in Ireland. His main instrument is the guitar, but David is also an artist, inventor, composer, artist, musician, producer and much more.  David's music is modern progressive, heavy-hard and very memoarable. Words used to describe his music have been hard to find since it doesn’t slot into any one known genre precisely. Heavy guitar driven compositions, an intricately designed and arranged mix of power rhythms and single note riffs, sometimes interlaced with secondary underlying melodic patterns of guitar and/or syncopated arpeggio bubbles of complementing synth sounds, with powerful and driving yet often not obvious bass-lines. Guitar solos are a purposeful and memorably tuneful inclusion when needed, designed to be as much an equal part of the track as everything else in it, not just an interval from the song in order to include the ever-present commonplace rock song necessity. Drum patterns are deliberately both misleadingly simple in places as well as perplexing and elaborate in others, all designed as a canvas on which to paint intelligent, thought-provoking and meaningful lyrics.
  David released his debut album, which he had been recording for 18 months, a length of time due mainly to the fact that it contains 28 tracks, but no track he felt he could leave off the album. It's a backlog of songs and themes that he decided he had to finally unveil and unleash to the world, in order to free himself for the next build up of ideas waiting to be born from the cauldron of his incessantly particular mind.
   David describes his songwriting process this way: "I write/compose and perform everything myself.  I always start with the music, and I compose and arrange it while I think of a memorable melody line that I like. Next I listen to it over and over after the arrangement is complete, while I write words that fall into my head that fit the rhythmic patterns of the melody, while trying to convey the thoughts in my head, until it all fits in a way that I am 100% proud of and happy with. It all has to satisfy my particular mathematical thoughts, unexpectedly random while avoiding cliched formulas." 
    He writes at home and records at GMG Studio 1, Ireland.  David plays guitar, bass, synths, and he programs drum tracks that trigger caron with guitarsampled drum sounds. "My studio engineer uses Cubase to record," he says, "and I also use it to arrange my initial pre-production ideas into a finished map of the song to add guitars and vocals."
 His early musical influences were all the great rock bands that he discovered after first hearing AC/DC. "I have performed live in previous bands, but I haven't performed any of my own solo projects live yet. "My next step is to find musicians that will want to play my music as a band, in an awesome and spectacular live show with endless possibilites that my music can conjure. At least that is my goal."
 David's music is for sale on all the major sites like itunes, Amazon, cd Baby. Ampslam's favorite single is Escapin' Back, but make sure to check out all his tunes.
  Let's all give David our ear.