How to enter:

It's simple! After you have joined Ampslam for free and uploaded your tunes, simply e-mail the Ampslam contest judges at contest@ampslam.com with your member and artist name and the name of the song that you uploaded that you want considered for the monthly contest. Winners will be notified by e-mail and featured on the Ampslam home page! See Contest Rules below for more information. ORIGINAL SONGS ONLY!

Official contest rules

  1. Enter only one song per monthly song contest. You must be an Amplsam Member to enter.
  2. Entered songs cannot be cover versions and cannot sample another artist’s work.
  3. All songs must be original. Ampslam takes NO financial or ownership interest in ANY song.
  4. Prizes will be delivered via PayPal.
  5. Contestants must be at least 13 years of age. Entrants retain all publishing rights to their song(s).
  6. Additions or deletions to these rules may be made at the discretion of Ampslam LLC, and may be enacted at any time.
  7. The selection of contest winners by Ampslam, and its judges is final. Arrangements for receiving all prizes, unless otherwise specified, must be made within thirty days of announcing the winners. It is the responsibility of the winners to claim prizes within the thirty days provided. All unclaimed prizes will be forfeited, and Ampslam may award any unclaimed prize at the end of the thirty-day grace period to a contest runner-up. All prizes are nontransferable and void where prohibited by law. No cash substitution of prizes is allowed.


Who we are. 


(January 8, 2014 Launch Press Release)

Ampslam is an independent music sharing community that provides musicians a free, alternative platform to promote and share their musical art with the world. There are no fees or hidden costs. Music lovers can browse a wide selection of musical styles. Ampslam was designed by Baltimore entertainment law attorney Tom Giannini. Click here to learn more about Tom. Music lovers are encouraged to Join Ampslam.
 We provide:
                                 Free Memberships - no hidden fees, no spam, no nonsense
                                 We take no ownership rights in any Member's songs
                                 Sell your MP3's
                                 The only independent hosting site that combines music promotion and social media
                                 Free, no obligation Song Contests
                                            Please, all music must be original.  No cover tunes

What we do.

Music.  It’s all about the music.


Indeed, music is simply sound, organized disturbances of air molecules.  Music however, moves our  feel-good serotonin to pool in glowing wellsprings of cranium ecstasy and joy.   

It commences by varied forms: the warm crackle of a stylus dropping into a vinyl groove, the anticipatory swirl of a CD spinning in an optical disc drive, the hushed silence when a conductor raises her arms, or the roar as a pop band swaggers onto an electrified stage; yet the end result, almost universally, is listening bliss.  
For others, it's the brilliance of new guitar strings tuned to frequency perfection, or controlling wave forms with a parametric equalizer, or perhaps finally hitting that scale with vocal cords that have been trained for years. Some just listen. Some just play. Some perform, while others only record. Some do it all. But everyone rejoices. Therefore, by variation on the transitive property, Ampslam is for everyone.


Ampslam is a music hosting platform, an independent community that offers everyday musicians a vehicle to upload their original songs at no cost and freely share their art with the world. Music lovers can stream and download MP3s from a host of genres. Ampslam takes no ownership rights in our member’s songs. We provide no-obligation, monthly songs contests (nothing wrong with a chance to win a few bucks) music trivia, industry discussions, song feedback, gig calendars, and social media.

Tom and Joe Strummer

Members can use Ampslam to gain industry exposure if so desired; we may just be the vehicle to attract a record deal. Others could care less about licensing, royalties or any commercial aspect of music creation, yet all our members share a passion to create, mold and shape their art into song form that embodies an essence of personality, and then to share their craft with others who respect and love music as well. After all, as Joe Strummer of The Clash correctly noted, “everyone has a story to tell”.
 It’s all good. It’s all about the music.

Joe Strummer, left. Ampslam founder Tom Giannini, right, 1983.

           How to reach us.
 Support :   support@ampslam.com
General questions or feedback: We are a grassroots DIY music platform hosting service.  We welcome questions, suggestions, blog ideas, cool stuff, coding suggestions, ideas regarding advertising and marketing, etc.  Drop us a line at tom@ampslam.com
Would you like to promote your products effectively to thousands of musicians or to increase brand awareness? Drop us an e-mail at info@ampslam.com
Song contest:
After you have joined Ampslam, send us the Title of the song you want entered in the monthly contest, along with your Profile name and Album name of the song. Send to contest@ampslam.com.
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How to help us help artists:
Ampslam was funded by the CEO's own funds. We had no outside contributions or angel investors. We are fully self supporting with no corporate affiliations. Our mission is simple: Provide artists a free and simple  to use platform to distribute music and art.  Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated.  Gifts of  $25.00 or more will receive an Ampslam T-Shirt - large or extra large, Hanes Beefy-T 100% cotton,  preshrunk, two color T-shirt! Durable and soft. Below is our Secure and Safe Pay Pal link: