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Ampslam is the place to share your love of music. Whether you’re on here to listen to your favorite band, or looking for a FREE place to upload, Ampslam is your total solution.

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READ THIS! - October 12, 2018



What Happens After the Music Modernization Act?

The following comes from Chris McMurtry, an authority in music metadata and the driver of an AI-driven metadata initiative happening at DMN partner Exactuals. The 30,000+ companies that make up the music industry are too unique for one data standard.

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The life of a DIY musician is crowded one, and every minute of time saved in marketing and promotion is one that can be spent honing your craft. This means automation is your friend, so here we look at how you can easily boost the growth of your YouTube channel...

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Why pay a subscription anywhere else when you can get all the upload space and tools you could ever need right here? And it’s all for FREE! No gimmicks, no limits, no contracts.!

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October 12, 2018: HOW TO MAKE MONEY IN MUSIC!



25 Creative Ways to Make Money With Your Musical Talents

If you sing, write songs or play guitar or keyboard, you might have true talent. But figuring out how to make money with music is challenging -- how do you translate your talents into cash? Here are 25 creative ideas to try.

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